Detoxification is an alternative medicine approach which proponents claim rid the body of “toxins”, accumulated harmful substances that exert a negative effect on individual health.

In our office we offer several different forms of detox, from whole body cleanses to individual organ system cleanses to our Ion Footbath Detox. All detoxes are very effective in cleansing the body of toxins.

Be Aware: Detoxification is a process of clearing the body of toxins that have been negatively affecting the body for years. Throughout detox it is normal to feel under the weather; this is your body’s reaction to the huge changes you are putting in to place and is a symptom of movement in the right direction.

Ion Footbath Detoxification
The Ion Footbath Detoxification is the most relaxing way to get rid of the toxins present in the body. You just soak your feet in a container of warm water. The positive and negative ions in the water will attach themselves to the toxins present in the body.  As the bonds are made between the ions in the water and the toxins within your body the chemical reaction causes certain colors to appear in the water, check out this link to see the colors and what they are: [Colors and Objects in the Water]

Depending on your goal footbath’s can be effective at any frequency. They can be taken up to three times per week if the goal is a whole body cleanse or as little as once per month in a preventive manner.

Foot Bath Detox Pre-paid Program
All Patients:
                    • 10 Sessions
                    • 2 Bottles of Total Veggie
                    • 2 Bottles of Total Systematic Detox

*All sessions must be completed in 7 weeks (patient must come in 2-3 times per week)