Chiropractic for Animals

The treatment procedures utilized in Animal Chiropractic include the adjustment of vertebrae, the adjustment of the extremities and the adjustment of cranial sutures. Animal chiropractic care also includes management advice as to what is needed to insure proper response to chiropractic care.

The practice of Animal Chiropractic includes taking a thorough case history, consisting of at least, subjective information from the owner, information previously determined from examinations, radio graphs or laboratory analysis, and information as to previous diagnoses and therapies.

Animal Chiropractic includes an examination of the animal patient prior to spinal, extremity or cranial adjustments. The examinations performed include, but are not limited to: posture analysis, gait analysis, vertebral, extremity and cranial static palpation, vertebral and extremity motion palpation, short leg analysis, orthopedic evaluation and neurological evaluation.

The information from the case history and examination are combined to determine a working diagnosis. The Animal Chiropractor must decide what course of action to proceed with, including adjusting vertebral subluxation complexes, adjusting subluxation complexes in the extremities, and/or referring the patient back to his primary care veterinarian for further examination or care. [Source]

Does your family pet need Chiropractic Care?
As for humans, animals also benefit greatly from Chiropractic Care. By receiving chiropractic treatments animals are more likely to live long healthy lives. This is because of nerve flow that is allowed by an aligned spine. By correcting subluxations of the spine Dr. Carpenter is able to open up the nerve path ways allowing for natural healing and health.

Just because your animals have aged does not mean that their quality of life should decrease. With treatment increase in movement, energy and personality can be seen!