Tips for Overall Well-Being

In our holistic clinic, we aid you in achieving: Symptom Relief, Corrective Care and Total Wellness. By identifying the six interferences to you health and correcting them with the Ten Steps to Wellness™, your care will be tailored to meet your needs and desired outcomes. You will feel confident and be able to relax and enjoy this peaceful and safe environment.

1. Structural We assess your structural imbalances and help you correct them.
2. Electrical Pollution We test for electromagnetic interference and help your body to balance.
3. Nutrition We assess nutritional, hormonal and infective organism imbalances and recommend nutritional solutions.
4. Allergies/Sensitivities We test for allergies and sensitivities and reprogram.
5. Emotion We assess emotional stress imbalances and help you release aberrant emotional patterns.
6. Toxins We test for heavy metal and toxic interferences and facilitate their release from the body.

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