Chiropractic is a health care discipline and profession that emphasizes diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mechanical disorders of the musculoskeletal system, especially the spine, under the hypothesis that these disorders affect general health via the nervous system. The main chiropractic treatment technique involves manual therapy, including manipulation of the spine, other joints, and soft tissues; treatment also includes exercises and health and lifestyle counseling. Traditional chiropractic assumes that a vertebral subluxation or spinal joint dysfunction interferes with the body’s function and its Innate Intelligence, the ability for the body to heal itself.

The human body is a very complex organism controlled completely by the nervous system. The nervous system consists of the Brain, Spinal cord and many nerves that innervate each tissue throughout the body. The spinal cord is protected by the spinal column and nerve fibers branch from the cord through holes in the spinal column in order to reach the various tissues in the body. When a subluxation (mis-alignment of the vertebrae of the spinal column) occurs often the flow of nerve impulse is restricted, therefore reducing the instruction of the brain to the respective tissues. By correcting these subluxations nerve impulses can flow evenly and uninhibited through the body, allowing it to better protect itself from disease and avoid pain. Thus the basis of Chiropractic care is prevention; by giving our bodies the environment it needs to protect itself we can live longer, healthier lives.

We provide a high level of diagnostic and treatment services to help your specific health conditions.
Gentle Chiropractic Care for the Whole Family
• Pulmonary Function Analysis
• Hair Analysis
• Nutritional Analysis
• Food Sensitivities/Allergies Testing
• Neurological Exam /Orthopedic Exam
• Body Analysis Composition
• X-Ray Analysis
• If your condition warrants additional diagnostics, salivary, blood, urine, and/or other lab tests my be recommended

  • We have been successful in helping improve the health of patients with the following conditions:
    • Acid Reflux Syndrome
    • Allergies
    • Asthma
    • Arthritis
    • Autism
    • Auto Immune Disorders
    • Carpal Tunnel
    • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
    • Chronic Neck and Back Pain
    • Central Nervous System Disorders
    • Colic
    • Colitis
    • Crohn’s Disease
    • Dyslexia/ADD/ADHD
    • Emotional Difficulties
    • Fibromyalga
    • Headaches
    • Hormonal Imbalances
    • Immune Suppression Disorders
    • Learning Disabilities
    • Migraine Headaches
    • Motor-Coordination Impairments
    • Orthopedic Problems
    • PMS
    • Scoliosis
    • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
    • Traumatic Brain and Spinal Cord Injuries
    • Sports Injuries
    • TMJ
    • Post-Surgical Dysfunction